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male, 23, Lappeenranta Finland

height: 6 feet 2 inches
weight: 185 pounds
body type: athletic
age: 23
school/job info: trying to finish soon the last courses in a gymnasium
where you live: in eastern Finland
music you like: very many kind of music, such as metal, ambient, wave, folk, trance, celtic..
hair color: mostly red
eye color: chaotic, includes different shades of green, yellow, amber, brown, red, black
race: wolf
ideal date: in nature, also great would be in restaurant etc, or in home on a sofa, ahm doesnt matter much but some nice place
favorite foods: desserts :) cant name one, like maany food
favorite desserts: shake, pies, almost all of them
tats/piercings: piercing in tongue, going to get another one maybe and tattoos to whole back and other places
smoking/habbits: never smoked
children: no
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: may be in finland, but possibly somewhere else too.. near to nature for almost sure
things you really don't like: nonunderstanding people, who doesnt even try to understand; someone harming nature or life in general
things you do like: love, passion, nature, wandering, worlds, so on..
hobbies: art (music, poetry, tales..)
what you learned from past relationships: that love comes when it comes
your pix here:


height range: shorter than me
weight range: not too much
body type: average, fit, not much fat
age range: 16-
school/job info: not so important
where they live: this neither
music they like: everything is okay
hair colors you like: black, red and brown the most
eye colors you like: green, yellow, brownred, the most
race: isnt so important
tats/piercings: can have
smoking/habbits: I like most someone who doesnt smoke but not the most important thing
children: likely not
other traits you seek: friendly, understanding, nature loving, joyful
traits you don't like: lot drinking of alcohol etc, or lot smoking, coldness
interests you find attractive: passion, ..not sure what this means so not adding more now
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