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height: 5'10"
weight: Just right
body type: Average
age: 23
school/job info: Beauty Advisor
where you live: Queens, NY
music you like: I'm a music whore. I love it all!
hair color: Black
eye color: Blue
race: White
ideal date: Like my jeans, comfy and casual
favorite foods: Italian and Thai
favorite desserts: Ice cream and pastries
tats/piercings: One tattoo a couple of piercings. I think they're sexy!
smoking/habbits: I hate smoking. Although, when I'm drinking I tend to have a cigarette or two. I prefer not to though
children: None but a lot in the future
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: Done with school, settled and happy.
things you really don't like: Liars, Sloppy drunks, Drugs, Bad drivers, People who don't speak English when they live in the country, litter
things you do like: Rainy days, Blockbuster nights, kissing in the rain, back rubs, bubble baths, dressing up, dressing down, cuddling, music, theatre
hobbies: singing, writing, reading, going to shows, broadway and off-broadway, shopping
what you learned from past relationships: shit happens, never take his word for it because your instincts will ALWAYS be right
your pix here: Ask and you shall receive ;)


height range: Taller than me!
weight range: Not skinnier than I am
body type: Average, athletic
age range: 23-28
school/job info: Educated and employed.
where they live: Doesn't matter to me, just know that I don't drive
music they like: I don't care
hair colors you like: Again, not an important trait
eye colors you like: Whatever man
Piercings: I love piercings!!! But they aren't a neccesity
smoking/habbits: I prefer not but it's not important
children: Must like kids! I love kids
other traits you seek: Funny! Very very funny. You have to be able to make me laugh.
traits you don't like: Drug users, sloppy drunks, jealous, controlling, irresponsible...
interests you find attractive Humor. I LOVE a god sense of humor. It's so sexy!

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