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height: 5'8''1/2
weight: 160ish
body type: Average
age: 20
school/job info: Sophmore at college, majoring in anthropology
where you live: VA
music you like: Anything and everything, except country. I love My Chemical Romance
hair color: Brownish red, but soon to be dark red :wink:
eye color: Stormy blue
race: White
ideal date: Something non-traditional
favorite foods: chicken!!!
favorite desserts: Who can beat oreos
tats/piercings: Getting tattoo during the break
smoking/habbits: Nail biter, I hate it..., drink occasonially
children: Want some one day!
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: Probably still going for my goal in college
things you really don't like: Fake people, "secret" relationships
things you do like: I love romantic stuff, but also humorous people
hobbies: hanging out with friends, family, studying up for my mind upgrade, writing, staying in shape (trying to)
what you learned from past relationships: You have to accept someone in order to be with that person
your pix here:


height range: 5'7-taller
weight range: Beats me
body type: Average
age range: 18-26
school/job info: Graduated with high school or higher
where they live: VA preferably
music they like: Any type
hair colors you like: Black, brown, anything!
eye colors you like: Blue, or anything is good
race: White
tats/piercings: Tattoos are sexy!
smoking/habbits: Any is fine, no drugs please
children: None
other traits you seek: Humor, spontanious
traits you don't like: Fake, judgemental
interests you find attractive: Anything behbeh! :)
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