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height: 5'4"

weight: 160?
body type: Average
school/job info: I'm a senior attending Truman High
where you live: Taylor, MI.
music you like: I like all sorts of Rock, Industrial, Rap
hair color: Blonde, Brownish
eye color: Brown
race: Caucasion
ideal date: Nothing too fancy
favorite foods: I like chicken! ;)
favorite desserts: Cheese cake
tats/piercings: One big tattoo on back of a tribal sun and a pentagram(Yes, I'm pagan)I also have my tounge pierced, nose, and my ears are guaged to a 1/2"
smoking/habbits: I drink
children: None right now
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: Living on my own with someone I love, maybe?
things you really don't like: Annoying loud ditsy people
things you do like: Music, my computer, my friends, ect..
hobbies: I like to read and write and type. Hang out with people, Normal Teenage stuff
what you learned from past relationships: Don't ever go out with a psycho...
your pix here:


height range: 5'5"-6'3"
weight range: Weight doesn't matter as long as I like your personality
body type: Doesn't matter as long as ur not dying on me.
age range: 17-23
school/job info: Can't be a drop out
where they live: Somewhat near me
music they like: as long as you can listen to what I listen to without complaining
hair colors you like: darker or lighter
eye colors you like:any
race: perfered Caucasion
tats/piercings:I like both, but you don't have to have them
smoking/habbits: non smoker would be best, but I can let it slide
children: none but wants some
other traits you seek: I like nice people, Someone thats into the same stuff as me would be a +
traits you don't like: "Ghettoness" You don't have to be all big and bad
interests you find attractive: Sweetness, cuddleing, loving

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