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Single and searching

name: Brittany (or Fallyn, whichever you choose)
height: 5'6
weight: 115lbs
body type: Slim/slender
age: 18
school/job info: I currently attend Allan Hancock College and I am working at an auction house doing hard labor which consists of loading and unloading a truck all day. Fun stuff.
where you live: Santa Maria, CA
music you like: I like a little bit of everything.
hair color: Brown with black underneath (its actually faded to dark brown at this point
eye color: Hazel
race: Mutt, but mostly white
ideal date: I dont really have an ideal date because whenever you have specific standards you are usually let dowwn. All I care about when on a date is having fun no matter what we are doing. I am pretty kick back that way.
favorite foods: I love food so choosing is difficult. I will basically try anything once except something with meat in it. I am a vegitarian.
favorite desserts: Mochii!!!!
tats/piercings: I have 2 in each ear and 3 in my navel (belly button). No tats yet but I want some.
smoking/habbits: Unfortunatly I do smoke. I have been thinking about quitting though.
children: I am great with kids but I am not ready for them yet, maybe later on in my life.
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: Hopefully be then I will be done with College and have my teaching credential and well on my way into the Peace Corps. My ideal place to go in the Pecae Corps is Sudan, Africa, I want to teach there.
things you really don't like: Homophobes, discrimination, Fleas, Bush and/or Bush administration, War, Starvaion, and all the horrible things that go on in third world countries that no one really seems to care about.
things you do like: Animals, Nature, Music, Art, and Card games like Texas hold-um and 31.
hobbies: Singing, Dacing, Reading, Drawing, Playing pool, Listen to music, and just basically hanging out.
what you learned from past relationships: You cant be the only one to change and if they refuse to change then you arent going to be able to make them. Leave them be and be content with yourself, you arent the reason that people act the way they do.
your pix here:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Those are from my recent Rocky Horror excurtion.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Those are my "sexy" pics. Lol. Maybe not that sexy, but I tried. I hope these arent to nude for this community.


</b>height range:</b> Doesnt matter as long as they are taller than me or even a little bit shorter.
weight range: Once again doesnt really matter, as long as they arent really skinny or really large. I would prefer a happy medium with a little bit of muscle.
body type: Slightly muscular or tonned.
age range: 18-30
school/job info: As long as they have ambition in life then it doesnt make much difference to me.
where they live: perferably somewhree closer to me (Santa Maria) so that I can see then occatoinally. If they live within 20 miles of me that would be ok.
music they like: As long as they arent really heavy into rap or country then it will work.
</b>hair colors you like:</b> Doesnt matter
eye colors you like: I really like green eyes but I dont care what color they are personally.
race: Doesnt matter, even though I happen to have a preferance to Asians.
tats/piercings: I like tats and piercings but they arent required. I am a little into the "kink" and those show a mutual interest.
smoking/habbits: Dont care as long as they arent the kind of people that stand 30 feet away and cough when I light up a smoky treat.
children: They can have children or not. Like I said before, I really like kids and I am really good with them as well.
other traits you seek: I am sort of a nerd so if they happen to be slightly nerdy as well that would be nice. I am attracted to intellegence so that sort of explains that. I do seek someone that is more on the laid back side but at the same time motivated and responsible.
</b>traits you don't like:</b> I really dont care for extreme clingy-ness its irritating. They can by no means be homophobic because the majority of my friends are gay and they have to be able to handle themselves around them. Chauvanism is not allowed, I have to be able to be myself around them and I sometimes act like one of the guys so you have to be able to handle that.
interests you find attractive: Reading, Going dancing, Hanging out, there are a few others that I will tell you if you are interested.... *wink*
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