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what to say..

height: 5'5.. 5'4?
weight: 125
body type: average
age: 16.. 17 in 11 days!
school/job info: school. [senior]
where you live: illinois
music you like: rock, hard rock, altern, some emo
hair color: black with pink streaks
eye color: black
race: hispanic
ideal date: hrmn.. hanging out at the movies, go to a show, then coming back home to eat ice cream and another movie to get in the 'mood'
favorite foods: cheesy fries, nachos, anything with cheese.
favorite desserts: strawberries, ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies with M&M's
tats/piercings: 5 in each ear, nose, tongue, and soon to be lip.
smoking/habbits: nope. i drink tho.
children: helll no.
where do you see yourself in a 5 years?: being with a guy and traveling all over.
things you really don't like: pickles, eggs, milk, perverts, people that talk with NO sence of grammar, annoying people who dont shut up, people that are abnoxiously loud, etc...
things you do like: nice guys, people who treat me well, sleep, sex.. etc.
hobbies: drawing, painting, playing the drums, writting
what you learned from past relationships: dont trust someone TOO much, TOO soon.
your pix here:

in the light...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
just a random one.

Image hosted by

hmn... what to say....


height range: between 5'7 -- 6'0
weight range: doesnt matter. but not TOO thick
body type: doesnt matter
age range: 16 -- 20 something..
school/job info: doesnt matter. but if out of school, SHOULD HAVE A JOB.
where they live: close to me
music they like: anything really
hair colors you like: blonde, black
eye colors you like: blue, green
race: doesnt matter
tats/piercings: doesnt matter.. but theyre SO hot.
smoking/habbits: doesnt matter
children: hm.. i rather them not.
other traits you seek: sweet, out going, talkative, intelligent, caring, great sence of humor.
traits you don't like: cocky, jerks...others i cant stand but cant think of them.
interests you find attractive: artistic, able to make me laugh & smile, being comfortable with himself.
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